ZEETIN Engineering Limited is your one-stop-shop for all your designs and fabrications. In a strong partnership with Zeetin - our sister company - we design, fabricate all kinds of engineering and industrial materials to your specifications and demand.


Hydraulic Press           Brake

With our Hydraulic Press Brake machine, we form, cut, and bend metals into different shapes and sizes; creating more intricate forms with precision.

Plate Rolling/Bending              Machine   

ZEETIN has special machines with which we bend, roll different metal types into shapes and sizes - round, cylindrical, arc, etc - needed in shipping, petroleum, mechanical industries. 

5 Axis CNC Machining

At our 5 Axis CNC Machining Centre you get much more - 50-taper cutting ability, heavy-duty rotary axes; a large work envelope which makes it the perfect 5-axis solution for the large-parts fabrication in automotive, oil & gas, alternative energy industries, amongst others.

Plasma Cutting

Our Plasma Cutting Machine cuts and designs various intricate shapes on all metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. 


Hydraulic Steel Worker


It is an electrically controlled Hydraulic Steel Machine with which we easily shear, bend, form, notch, and punch holes in steel plates.

Hydraulic Angle Rolling


We efficiently fabricate both profiled and rectangular rings with a high degree of precision. We also forge any kind of rings, Flanges, Bearings, Gear, Wheels, Sleeve rings for Automobile, Aviation, Oil, and Gas Industries.


Hydraulic swing beam Shears                      Machine

Our versatile machine is used in the cutting of large sheets, plates, and metals with thicknesses of about 3mm-6.35mm and a cutting length of about 4000mm. The machine easily cuts iron accurately and breaks sheets into the required sizes. 

Super Heavy-Duty Lathe                 Machine

Our heavy-duty lathe machine is an efficient tool for crafting different objects - handling the toughest shaping  jobs in numerous industries and several workshops. With it we cast a variety of shapes from wood or metal. 

Pre-Fab Installation

We make the best concrete products for all your project sites such as pre-cast moulds, raizers, interlocking blocks, drainages of all forms.

Tank Dish Flanging             Machine

With our Dish Flanging Machine, we bend boiler irons, sheet metals to form curved or bent edges of flange such as circular, conical, elliptical flat, dished, semi-elliptical, and tori-spherical ends.

Water Jet Cutting           Machine

We cut varieties of materials to accuracy with our Water Jet Cutting Machine - ranging from steel, carbon fibre, glass, titanium, among others. We also cut materials that do not require high temperature in order to maintain their inherent structure.







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