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ZEETIN Engineering Limited is your one-stop-shop for all your designs and fabrications. In a strong partnership with Zeetin - our sister company - we design, fabricate all kinds of engineering and industrial materials to your specifications and demand.


Hydraulic Press           Brake

The Hydraulic Press Brake is a machine used for forming, cutting and bending of metals into different shapes. It is used in forging, clinching, molding, punching and deep drawing of metals used in shipbuilding, aviation, transportation, automobile, military and agricultural industry. This machine gives us to create more intricate shapes as the machine is very accurate.

Plate Rolling/Bending              Machine   

This is a machine used in rolling different kinds of metal sheets into round or conical shape. It is also used in bending and forming of metal plates into cylindrical and arc chapes. The machine is used in fabricating metals used in shipbuilding, petroleum and mechanical industry.

5 Axis CNC Machining

We have the latest technology that uses 5-axis to produce different machine parts of all kinds.

Plasma Cutting

The Plasma cutting machine is used to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals a. Plasma cutting is often used in fabrication shops, automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction.


Hydraulic Steel Worker


The Hydraulic Steel Worker Machine is a fabrication machine used for shearing, bending, forming, notching and punching of holes in steel plates. It can be controlled electrically thus reducing its effects in the case of an emergency.

Hydraulic Angle Rolling


The Hydraulic Angle Rolling Machine is efficient for the fabrication of both profiled and rectangular rings with high degree of precision which makes it easy for us to meet the needs of our clients. It is capable of forging any kind of rings, Flanges, Bearings, Gear, Wheels, Sleeve rings for use by Automobile, Aerospace, Oil and Gas Industry.


Hydraulic swing beam Shears                     Machine

This machine is used in the cutting of large sheets, plates and metals with thickness of about 3mm-6.35mm and a cutting length of about 4000mm. it is also used as a forging machine as it makes the cutting of hard irons easy and accurate through its application of shearing force with a reasonable blade gap thus breaking the sheets in the required size. The machine can be used to cut steels, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cardboard and other materials used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding automobiles, electrical appliances etc.

Super Heavy-Duty Lathe                 Machine

We have the CNC Lathe Machine used for turning, milling, threading, etc. of different shafts and parts.

Pre-Fab Installation

We make the best concrete products for all your project sites such as pre-cast moulds, raizers, interlocking blocks, drainages of all forms.

Tank Dish Flanging             Machine

This is a machine used in bending the edges of boiler irons, sheet metals to form curved or bent edges of flange such as circular, conical, elliptical flat, dished, semi-elliptical and tori-spherical ends.

Water Jet Cutting           Machine

This machine is capable of cutting variety of materials ranging from steel, carbon fiber, glass, titanium among others using an extremely high-pressure jet of water. The machine is used to cut material that do not require high temperature in other to maintain their inherent structure. The machine is also very accurate during cutting.





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